AI Projects #3

inzva created ‘AI Projects’ as an enriching platform to discuss advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence topics.

Our community aims to empower individuals by bringing them together and providing them with the necessary environment to tackle intriguing problems, experiment, and conduct valuable research through collaboration.

Our research domains include but are not limited to: computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, audio processing, time series classification and forecasting, and multi-agent systems.

Here are some photos taken at our AI Projects #2 this year:


Application DEADLINE:

Application period is ended. Thank you for your interest to AI Projects #3.


August 24, 2019

How is the programme structured?

In AI Projects, we conduct regular meetups and oversee project groups where participating members design and run open source research projects in 12-week batches. In addition to our regular meetups every 3 weeks at the inzva space in Beykoz, we encourage our project groups to hold weekly meetups (face-to-face or virtual) to work on their projects. Please keep in mind that in the beginning of each batch, we will meet on two Saturdays in a row to go through the proposed project ideas and to form the groups.

The AI Projects programme is roughly divided into three sections: project idea & group formation, literature research, and implementation. You are free to choose the project idea / research that you want to work on, as long as it complies with our basic requirements (stated in the FAQ). The participants can come together with their team members or join a project/team that they are interested in.

Am I a good fit for this programme?

You are a good fit for The AI Projects if you:

● Are a graduate of or a student in relevant study areas (computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, etc.) OR have completed the specialization (or equivalent AI courses) OR have a portfolio to prove a good understanding of the most common ML subjects. Please note that having a basic programming knowledge will not be sufficient for this programme. By applying, you accept that you have the required skills to fully take part in all stages of a project.

● Academic skills to read and understand papers on AI and deep learning.

● Ready to work as part of a project team.

What am I getting out of this?

● Collaboration with other people working/studying in this domain,

● Hands-on work and research to build up a portfolio,

● Recognition (Our project group members will be featured on the inzva website and on GitHub),

● In addition to the required computing power (reserved GPU on cloud) that will help you implement your project, we also provide you with the necessary and laid-back space to brainstorm and socialize with like-minded people.

● The participants will have the opportunity to present their thought process and project outcomes to other AI enthusiasts from various backgrounds.

● Pizza, pizza, and pizza.

What do we expect from you?

● Please remember that these project groups are based on teamwork and collaborative learning, which means that we will be expecting your active contribution. By joining this programme, you accept that you will spare at least 25 hours over the course of 3 months (2 hours per week) to develop your project. Please also remember that it is mandatory to attend the meetings we will hold in inzva every three weeks - of course, apart from emergency situations.

● At the end of the 12-week period, we expect our teams to deliver a brief presentation expressing their thought process and project outcomes to an audience composed of our community members and/or AI enthusiasts focusing on the field at the academic or professional level.

● We expect you to implement and understand the paper or the problem you are working on, at least enough to reproduce the results on the paper and try new approaches to improve it if possible.

● Keep the Github repository of your project updated.

Please note that inzva will share all the projects in its own Github repository.

How do I get involved?

To join the third batch of the programme, fill in the application form below; and make sure to check out our FAQ page for further information.

All participants have to abide by the OUR CODE OF CONDUCT.