Study Group 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where is the Study Group?

A: The study group will take place at Beykoz Kundura in Istanbul, Turkey, starting on September 28 and ending on December 21. We will hold the sessions every saturday between these dates.

Q: Who leads the discussion group? Will there be lecturers every week? 

A: This course is famous for being as community-driven as it gets! We asked past study group participants to volunteer for 12 weeks. Additionally, we will invite AI researchers and pre-eminent academics to enrich the experience and the curriculum of the study group.

Q: How much will the study group cost for the participants?

A: The study group is free of charge. Transportation and meals are provided by BEV.Foundation. Your active participation and hard work are expected. 

Q: How can I access the curriculum?

A: You can find the curriculum here:, and see how will we follow up the course here.

Q: Is the course on Coursera free?

A: Yes, it is completely free. While you will be notified of payment options, you can always keep using the free version. When you are notified of the 7-day free trial, press “Audit the course”.

Q: Can I join even if I am not a university or master student?

A: The study group is open to undergraduate students or those with further experience.

Q: What level of background knowledge does the study group require?

A: The course is taught in Python.Have a Python environment ie Anaconda ready on your computer before the programme. You will find instructions here We assume you have basic programming skills (understanding of loops, if/else statements, data structures such as lists and dictionaries).

Recommended skills are basic linear algebra in mathematics (matrix-vector operations and notation) and a basic understanding of machine learning (how we represent data, what a machine learning model does).


 If you have any other questions, please contact us via