Applied AI Study Group


Q1: When and where is the Applied AI Study Group?

A1: The study group will gather every Saturday at Beykoz Kundura in Istanbul, Turkey; starting on July 6 and ending on July 28.

Q2: Who leads the discussion group? Will there be lecturers every week?

A2: This course will be as community-driven as it gets! The participants from our previous courses will lead the discussions that will be held at inzva every Saturday.

Q3: How much will the study group cost for the participants?

A3: The study group is free of charge. Transportation and meals are provided by BEV.Foundation. Your active participation and hard work are expected.

Q4: How can I access the curriculum?

A4: You can find the curriculum here:

Q5: Is the course on Coursera free?

A5: Yes, it is completely free. While you will be notified of payment options, you can always keep using the free version. When you are notified of the 7-day free trial, press “Audit the course”.

Q6: Can I join even if I am not a university student?

A6: The study group is open to undergraduate students or those with further experience.

Q7: What level of background knowledge does the study group require?

A7: The course is taught in Python. Have a Python environment ie Anaconda ready on your computer before the programme. It will be easier for you if you also install TensorFlow and PyTorch. You will find the instructions here

We assume you have strong programming skills (being able to grasp the structure of any Python framework by looking at its documentation and code samples).

Recommended skills are basic linear algebra in mathematics (matrix-vector operations and notation), a strong understanding of machine learning (how we represent data, what a machine learning model does), and a good understanding of deep learning concepts (convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks).

Q8: I do not study or have a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering but I know programming. Can I attend the programme?

A8: As long as you give decent answers in the form and if your background proves to be sufficient, your major does not matter.

Q9: I do not reside in Istanbul. Can I still join?

A10: As long as you can come to inzva each Saturday for the said period, you can reside anywhere - even outside of Turkey.

Please note that failure due to non-attendance may cause you to get directly discarded from our future programmes.

Q10: What is the Code of Conduct and why do participants have to abide by it?

A10: Code of Conduct is an agreement between the participants and inzva. As inzva, we want to provide a peaceful environment and a harassment-free coding experience to all participants. You agree to the Code of Conduct by applying to the programmes.

Q11: I am allergic to some food. Could you rearrange the meals for me?

A11: If you are allergic to something, please let us know via or the registration form for the finalists. In the form, we also ask for an emergency contact for other health issues. Please make sure you give a valid number and real emergency contact.

Q12: When will the results be announced?

A12: We will send you an email on June 29 until 23:59.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via

All participants have to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.