Algorithm Competition Summer Camp 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: When and where is the Algorithm Competition Summer Camp 2019?

A1: The camp will take place at Beykoz Kundura in Istanbul, Turkey; starting on June 16 and until June 25. We will hold the sessions every day between these dates.

Q2: How long will the summer camp last and where will the participants stay?

A2: The summer camp will last 10 days with 9 overnight stays. The participants will stay in individual tents in the camping area. If you have a problem with this accommodation type as a participant, you can let us know by emailing us at

Q3: How much will the summer camp cost for the participants?

A3: The summer camp is free of charge. Accommodation and meals are provided by BEV.Foundation. We expect your active participation and hard work.

Q4: How can I apply to the Algorithmic Competition Summer Camp 2019?

A4: You can fill the form at the application page here. Qualification round and other announcements will be provided via email.

Q5: When is the qualification?

A5: The qualification round will start on May 17 at 23.59 and last 48 hours.

Q6: How can I enter the qualification?

A6: The qualification round will be held on Hackerrank online. If you do not have an account, please get one before the qualification to enter the contest. The contents’ link will be sent to the applicants via email, in which they can also find our previous qualification tests. You can also find them here.

Q7: When will the qualification results and the groups be announced?

A7: The results of the qualification round will be announced to the applicants via email on May 27. The email will include the information regarding the group that you are assigned to.

Q8: What are the groups that I can join and their levels?

A8: There will be three different levels; Foundation, Advanced. You can find the details below.

Foundation: Have basic programming skills and knowledge about basic data structures as well as an introduction to ICPC. Have not participated in inzva’s previous programmes (15-week Algorithm Programme, 30-week Algorithm Programme, and the camps.)


Must have studied the first 7 bundles that were taught in the Algorithm Programme at inzva.

Q9: Am I expected to solve all of the problems in the qualification round?

A9: No, the problems are there for us to determine your level. However, they are not enough to guarantee your enrollment to the programme. We will consider your answers in the application form as well as prioritizing certain qualities.

Q10: Do I need to know anything about programming?

A10: Yes. We expect you to have a grasp of one of the following programming languages:

C, C++, Java or Python. You are also expected to show the necessary effort for improvement.

Q11: I am under 18 and studying in high school. Can I attend?

A11: Unfortunately, the camp will not include those under the age of 18 or not enrolled in a university.

Q12: Can I join even if I am not a university or master student?

A12: The summer camp is only open to undergraduate students. Those who have finished their final year or are studying masters will not be accepted to the camp.

Q13: What is the Code of Conduct and why do participants have to abide by it?

A13: Code of Conduct is an agreement made between the participants of events and inzva so that we can sustain a peaceful environment and a harassment-free coding experience for all of our participants. By submitting your application, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Please note that you will also be required to sign an agreement for the use of media produced in the camp that may be shared on social media.

Q14: I am not studying or have a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering but I know programming. Can I attend the camp?

A14: Of course; as long as you are successful in the qualification round, your major does not matter.

Q15: How can I access the curriculum?

A15: You can find the curriculum below:

Q16: Can I choose my group while applying?

A16: No, the participants’ groups will be determined by their qualification results.

Q17: I am not very proficient in algorithms but I want to learn. Can I attend the camp?

A17: Everyone over the age of 18 can take part in the qualification which will be considered while choosing participants for the camp. If your level is sufficient for our Foundation group, you have a high chance of being selected. So feel free to apply and test yourself regardless of your proficiency.

Q18: Do you take 100 students exactly?

A18: We designed a camping experience for a maximum of 100 students but we expect some basic skills from all attendants; so if you are in the first 100, it does not mean that you are qualified. Also keep in mind that inzva always has the rights to change the quota of the camp.

Q19: Is it enough if I make it to the top 100 in the qualification test?

A19: No. While getting into the top 100 is an important criteria, it does not guarantee you the chance to join the camp. Because of the special quotas that are included in the 100 participant limit, we will not be accepting some of those who have made it to the top 100 in the qualification test.

Q20: What do you consider while selecting participants?

A20: Solving all questions in the Qualification Round does not guarantee your participation in the camp. We consider many things while choosing participants; you can find them below.

  • Your qualification test results will be important for the choosing process.

  • We will take note of the motivations and expectations that you will provide in the application form.

  • We give priority to undergraduate students who are studying in CS or related departments, especially those in their preparatory, first or second year.

  • We have 1-person quotas for partnered student clubs.

  • We will invite 2 students from each of the universities that were successful in the 8-week student chapters algorithm programme.  

  • We have special quota for the best three students from the 15-week and the 30-week algorithm programmes - a total of 6 students.

Q21: Do I need to know English?

A21: The lessons will be in Turkish but the materials will be in English, so you are required to know basic English. The reason for the use of English is that there may be foreign guests coming from other countries, so our materials need to fit an international standard.

Q22: Does inzva provide transportation?

A22:  Unfortunately, we will not be providing transportation for this camp. If you want to see the details on how to get here, here is a guide.

Q23: Where are the schedules of each day of the camp?


Q24: What can I do in upsolving days?

A24: We will have two upsolving days during the camp: June 19 and 23. Since the camp will involve a lot of practice and learning, we have planned some activities for you to rest your brain (such as chess, kahoot and table tennis tournaments and a museum tour). You can also introduce yourself to other attendees, play board games, chat with your friends, and study to improve your knowledge. We also follow on the effort you put in at upsolvings, and offer prizes at the end of the camp.

Q25: Can I leave Beykoz Kundura during the camp?

A25: We believe staying in Beykoz Kundura is one of the best parts of the camp. Staying away from the traffic and the noisy atmosphere of Istanbul, and studying with an uncluttered mind will improve your learning experience. If you have an important reason to leave Beykoz Kundura during our camp, please state it to us before the camp via

Q26: What should I bring for personal use?

A26: You should bring:

- Your personal computer (you must also prepare your own programming environment).

*Install your compiler.

*Install the appropriate IDE (ie, eclipse, visual studio, etc.) or editor and make sure that it works.

*Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the camp without a laptop; so please acquire one before you arrive.

- Toiletries such as towel, slippers, toothbrush and shampoo.

- Appropriate and comfortable attire as well as some items (such as a hat and sunglasses) that may be necessary for this season. We urge you to check the weather.

- Any other items you might use in your leisure, such as an instrument that you play.

Q27: What should I bring to wear?

A27: At the Algorithm Competition Summer Camp, you will study for long hours in the study area, so please be comfortable and casual. Istanbul can get very hot during this season and you will stay in tents, so please take this into consideration when planning your attire. There is no enforced dress code.

Q28: Will I have a personal storage for my luggage?

A28: We provide a place to keep your personal items. However, you are responsible for their safety; so please bring locks for your bags.

Q29: I am allergic to some foods. Could you rearrange the meals for me?

A29: If you have any allergies, please let us know via or the registration form that we will send you after the qualification. In the form, we also ask you for an emergency contact for other health and safety issues. Make sure to give a valid number and a real emergency contact.

Q30: Will there be Wi-Fi available in the camping area?

A30: Yes, we will provide free Wi-Fi for all participants in the camping and studying areas.

Q31: Who will give the lectures?

A31: Experts and academics from inzva’s algorithm community will be giving the lectures. The Advanced group has no theoretical lectures but they will be guided in the contests and upsolving sessions.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via

All participants have to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.