Become a Volunteer for Algorithm Competition Summer Camp 2019

After the success of Algorithm Competition Summer Camp organized in 2018, this year will be a proud successor. This year’s camp, running from June 16 to June 25, will offer intensive education with challenging contests, and many fun activities in the historic environment of Beykoz Kundura, while hosting over 100 enthusiasts from different levels of expertise to improve each one on one of the most essential areas of computer science - algorithms.

If you are curious about last year’s camp, here is a throwback;

We will have 3 areas of work for volunteers: general support, hospitality and information support.  The qualities listed below are wanted in each volunteer regardless of their assignment.

  • Able to understand and communicate spoken and written English

  • Organization and time management skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Self-motivated and willing to take action

  • Result-focused and equipped with an analytical approach

  • Dynamic and socially extroverted


  • A Volunteer certificate issued by BEV Foundation.

  • Working in a historical factory, Beykoz Kundura; and gaining remarkable experience.

  • Being part of a non-profit hackerspace community in Turkey.

  • The possibility of working with inzva as a full-time employee.


June 16 to June 25 - inzva - Beykoz Kundura


Application period is closed.


Accommodation & meals are supported by BEV Foundation


For further questions please check our FAQ.

All participants have to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.



inzva is the sanctuary of Turkish hacker community. We organise Algorithm Camps, AI study groups and informative talks to cultivate students who study computer engineering and software in Turkey.

We offer a quiet, peaceful and inspiring environment to work, stay and socialise. Our space is designed for competitions and meetups, located in a historical factory building with amazing views of the Bosphorus. As an independent non-profit entity supported by, we provide a neutral umbrella for all Turkish hackers.