Become a Volunteer


Q1: What should I do if I cannot make it to the camp even though I accepted as a volunteer?

A1: If you have an important reason not to come, you can let us know by sending a formal email to You should know that in the case of unexcused absence, your communication with inzva will be permanently terminated.

Q2: When can I find out what my responsibilities are? What will they be based on?

A2: Your responsibilities will be determined by the order you have provided us with in the application form. The results will be shared via email, and you will be informed of the details on the date of the designated meetings.

Q3: Can I be in multiple volunteer groups at once, or can I be assigned to another group during the camp?

A3: Yes, you can be in more than one volunteer group. Your role may change during the camp, however this can only be done with the approval of the coordinator.

Q4: How will be expenses of accommodation and food be covered during the camp?

A4: The volunteers and participants will be staying in tents present on the premises, and the meals during the camp will be provided by BEV Foundation. We expect your active participation and hard work.

Q5: I missed the application period but I really want to join, Can I still apply?

A5: Unfortunately. Once the applications are closed, we cannot accept more applicants.

Q6: I have never been to inzva before. How can I adapt to the camp?

A6: There will be periodical meetings with the volunteers before the camp. You will have the chance to adapt yourself to inzva and meet the volunteer groups during these meetings.

Q7: I live outside Istanbul but I still want to volunteer. Would I be accepted? If I am, will my transportation be covered by inzva?

A7: Yes, you can be accepted. However, you need to keep in contact and join the meetings. Unfortunately, we cannot cover transportation expenses; although we can provide accommodation.

Q8: Can I both be a participant and a volunteer?

A8: No. The curriculum for the participants is pretty intense and the volunteers are expected to be working full-time and available in the case of any emergency.

Q9: I couldn’t pass the qualification round but I want to be a volunteer, can I still apply?

A9: You can let us know by sending a formal email to

Q10: Can I leave Beykoz Kundura during the camp?

A10: If you have an important reason to leave Beykoz Kundura during our camp, please contact with the coordinator before the camp.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via

All volunteers have to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.