3 volunteering groups will work on different areas. Their roles are as follows.

General Support:

  • To set up and check up on the tents.

  • To place the luggage of the participants into the luggage area on the first day; and to make sure they are safe.

  • To check up on the participants and guide them correctly when necessary.

  • To help with translation when necessary.

  • To communicate with the coordinator on the cleanliness of the space and the items that may run out.


  • To give the Welcome Kits and name badges to the participants when they arrive.

  • To show the participants to their assigned tents and to assist them in getting settled.

  • To carry out the signing process of the documents by the participants and to deliver them to the coordinator.

  • To make sure that the participants are getting accustomed and comfortable with the place.

  • To assist the participants when they arrive throughout the week.

Information Support:

  • To solve problems with the overviewing of the coordinator in a case of emergency, such as accidents, illnesses and quarrels.

  • To help and answer the questions of the participants.

  • To keep the coordinator and the volunteer team in contact.

  • To follow up on the participants leaving and entering the premises.

  • To inform the participants on the announcements and changes that may be made.