Turkish National Contest 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How old do I need to be to join the contest?

A: To join this contest, you need to be born in 1996 or later.

Q: Can I arrive on Saturday or late on Friday?

A: For registration and accommodation, each participant must be on time on Friday. If you have important reasons to be absent, please contact us at contact@inzva.com.

Q: Can I join the contest unofficially?

A: You are welcome to contact us to join the contest unofficially in a different area in the premises, however you won't get any balloons :).

Q: If our team is the eleventh winning team, can we go to SEERC when another team from the top ten decides not to go?

A: You will be allowed to join SEERC, however we will not be able to cover your expenses.

Q: I will have university classes to attend to during SEERC, will you help me get a permission to be absent?

A:We can send an official letter to the administration of your university, and get an invitation from ICPC.

Q: We registered as a team of three people but one of our teammates has an internship or an emergency during TPC. Can he/she still join SEERC? Will you cover his/her expenses?

A: The absent team member can join the contest as long as he covers his/her own expenses.

Q: When will the contest results be announced?

A: The contest results will be announced between 4-5.30 pm on the 15th of September.

Q: Do I need to know anything about programming?

A: Yes. We expect you to have a grasp of one of the following programming languages: C, C++, Java or Python.

Q: Do we need to solve all of the problems in TPC to be able to join SEERC and have our expenses covered?

A: No, you only need to be one of the first ten on the leaderboard.

Q: Where can I access the rules?

A: You can read the rules at information page as well as on the official ICPC website.

Q: Does the coach have to join the event?

A: No, but you must be registered to TPC by your coach. We also require the coach to be available during the event and provide us with contact information via email before.

Q: Can I join SEERC myself or with the help of my university without joining this contest?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do I need to know English?

A: All of the questions in the contest will be in English. The participants can bring an English-Turkish dictionary with them.

Q: I am not very proficient in algorithms but I want to test my self and my team, can I join the TPC?

A: Yes, you can join the contest even if you are not well versed in algorithms to test yourself and your team. What is important is cooperation and not competition, and we hope to see all future contestants in our event.

Q: Can a master’s student be a coach?

A: To be a coach, you need to have a master's degree or higher.

Q: I am a master’s student born in 1996 or later. Can I still join?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: I am not studying or have a degree in computer science or computer engineering but I know programming. Can I attend the camp?

A: To attend the camp, you must be studying in computer science or a related field.

Q: Will you send the best 10 teams to SEERC with all expenses covered?

A: Yes, the expenses will be covered by BEV.Foundation.

Q: Does inzva provide transportation?

A: We will provide transportation between Beykoz Kundura and the hotels for those of you who are coming from out of Istanbul. There will also be service cars between Beykoz Kundura and central locations in the city during all the event.

Q: What should I bring for personal use?

  • Toiletries such as towels, slippers, a toothbrush and shampoo.

  • Appropriate and comfortable attire as well as some items (such as a hat and sunglasses) that may be necessary for this season. We urge you to check the weather.

  • Any other items you might use in your leisure, such as an instrument that you play. You can bring a good luck charm.

  • You can bring your personal computer but you cannot bring it to the contest area during the contest.

Q: I am allergic to some foods. Could you rearrange the meals for me?

A: If you have any allergies, please let us know via contact@inzva.com or the registration form that we will send you after the qualification. In the form, we also ask you for an emergency contact for health and safety issues. Make sure to give a valid number and a real emergency contact. 

Q: Can we apply without a coach?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t.

Q: Can we have a coach from a company?

A: No, the coach must be from academia.

Q: Can we bring our own computer or laptop to the contest?

A: No, you can only use the computers and keyboards provided by us.

Q: Do all of the team members need to be from the same university?

A: Yes, this is a requirement. If you are not from the same university, your ICPC registration will not be approved.

Q: Who can be a coach?

A: The coach of a team must be working at the university of that team, or studying at a master’s programme in that university.

Q: When and where is Turkish Programming Contest 2019?

A: Turkish Programming Contest 2019 will be held on September 13-15, 2019 at Beykoz Kundura in Istanbul.

Q: How much will the event cost for the participants?

A: The event is completely free of charge.

Q: Will food and accommodation be provided?

A: Yes, accommodation will be  provided by BEV.foundation and the food will be prepared by our onsite chefs free of charge.

Q: What is ICPC?

A: The ICPC is the best academic programming contest in the world, outpacing others with its title as the oldest and largest scale competition out there. Last year, the contest involved 52,000 students from 3,200 universities in 115 countries. For more details : https://icpc.baylor.edu

Q: What is SEERC?

A: SEERC stands for “Southeastern Europe Regional Contest”, one of the regional contests that advance teams to the ICPC World Finals. For more information: http://acm.ro/

Q: Can I join even if I am not a university student?

A: Unfortunately, only students who are affiliated with a university can join along with their university team.

Q: Can I join even if I am under 18?

A: Yes. However, you must be enrolled in a university degree programme.

Q: Can I participate in this contest online?

A: No, you have to participate in the contest in the contest hall with your assigned computers.

Q: Do the participants have to stay at inzva for 2 whole days? Can we just come for the main event?

A: Each team must be present at Beykoz Kundura for the whole of the process. We will provide accommodation to make sure that there are no absences.

Q: Is the premises wheelchair accessible?

A: The premises of Beykoz Kundura and the event building are completely wheelchair accessible. We encourage university students with disabilities to join. Please write to us at contact@inzva.com for any questions that you might have.

Q: Will there be WiFi available in the contest area?

A: Yes, we will provide free WiFi in the area.

Q: What do we have to bring with us to the event?

A: You must bring your university card along with your identity card. If your student card does not have the dates of your study, please provide a recent student transcript.

Q: Do I have a personal storage for my luggage and other stuff?

A: We do provide a place for all luggage but we recommend you bring a lock for it.

Q: I missed the deadline for applications. Can I still join?

A: Unfortunately, we do not accept any late applications.

Q: What is Code of Conduct and why do participants have to abide by it?

A: Code of Conduct is an agreement between the participants and inzva. As inzva, we want to provide a peaceful environment and a harassment-free coding experience to all participants. 

Q: Can university teams from outside of Turkey join?

A: No, the contest is available for teams from universities stationed in Turkey only.

Q: I work for a firm. Can I join?

A: No, the contest is available for teams from universities stationed in Turkey only.

You agree to the Code of Conduct by applying to the contest.