Algorithm Program 2019-2020

We are happy to announce our second-to-date Algorithm Program for the term 2019-2020; divided into Fall and Spring semesters and including lectures, contests, problem-solvings and a variety of practises every Saturday.


The program will begin on September 28, end on May 7, and is aimed at teaching advanced knowledge of algorithms to university students, spreading algorithmic thinking and providing training which will help them in international contests as well as in their professional lives.

“At inzva, I obtained the chance to improve much more rapidly by following a curriculum expertly put together by the best contestants of Turkey.” Yılmaz Barış Kaplan, Istanbul Technical University Computer engineering, participant of Algorithm Program 2018-2019

“In the Algorithm Program, a certain topic is introduced to people in a document as well as during the lessons onsite every two weeks. The next week, both online and onsite contests are held to keep the topic fresh in your memory.” Hamza Erol, Kaist University, participant of Algorithm Program 2018-2019


The participants are expected to not only have the skills, but also the enthusiasm and motivation for this unique event, which will be completely free of charge. The program will involve experienced editors to lecture the attendees, problem setters to prepare problems every week and the Algorithm Team to check the technical accuracy.

“...inzva accepted me and allowed me to train myself in algorithms. inzva's community always motivated me to learn more, I did my best to enhance myself on this opportunity. I see a huge difference in me before and after this precious programme and I am very happy to be a member of this community.” Artun Akdoğan, Boğaziçi University Electrical Electronic Engineering, participant of Algorithm Program 2018-2019

“...I was excited thanks to everyone at inzva being eager to learn. It was enjoyable to be able to ask our questions to the person teaching us and discuss these with him and other classmates; and it also made the information stick to our memory. I also got to teach lessons a few times and it was a great experience for me.” Osman Karaketir, ITU Computer Engineering, participant of Algorithm Program 2018-2019

What did we do last year?

Met at inzva every Saturday for 30 weeks.

  • Studied topics from Intro to Advanced Data Structures and Advanced Algorithms.

  • Had online and onsite contests

  • Raised from Foundation level to the Expert Level

  • Studied for National Programming Contest, SEERC and World Finals

  • 21 problem setters, editors, reviewers prepared 14 bundles and 30 contests with a total of 275 questions.

  • Shared all work on Youtube, Github and Hackerrank for all algorithm enthusiasts.

There will be a quota of 45 people, and a minimum requirement of 70% for attendance which will result in a certificate. Aside from meeting at inzva every Saturday, we will keep in touch via the discord channel of the community.


From August 3 at 9pm to September 15 at 9pm.


September 21, 19:00 to September 22, 19:00 (24hrs) on Hackerrank. We will send you all of the information by email before the contest. Please note that plagiarism will result in disqualification and a possible ban from future events.


All participants are expected to know at least one programming language well. C, C++, Python or Java are preferred. Attendees must prepare their own programming environment (computer, IDE, compiler etc.). All practices will run on HackerRank. Please create an account if you do not already have one. You can find the curriculum here.


Every Saturday, a total of 21 days spread over 21 weeks.

Week 1: September 28 Saturday / Week 21: March 7 Saturday/ inzva - Beykoz Kundura


We believe that the main benefit comes from the opportunity to practice with challenging problems. Here are some other benefits we think the participants will acquire from the program:

  • Teaming up with people from your university to become active in national as well as international programming contests,

  • Receiving knowledge and personal experience from successful students in the community and getting one-on-one mentorship,

  • Motivating yourself to improve your knowledge on a subject,

  • Assessing yourself,

  • More efficient coding and problem solving,

  • Advanced knowledge of data structures and algorithms,

  • Learning teamwork and critical thinking,

  • Getting to know ICPC World better,

  • Technical adequacy and preparation for interviews,

  • The chance to be broadcasted as an Editor/Problem Setter/Reviewer or Attendee on inzva’s page.

Those with 70%+ attendance will have a certificate on Linkedin, GitHub and as a graduate of this program, and those with proven success will be able to join our upcoming international summer camp directly.


The top three students will get prizes on the final contest day at the end of the year-long program. We will also have various surprises for those who make it to the top of the leaderboards with monthly contests. Provided it’s about learning, teaching and sharing: not winning.


See the FAQ here.


If you want to support the community as an Editor or Problem Setter, and get a scholarship for your work by BEV.Foundation, you can find more information and application form via the links below.


Edits the documents prepared by previous Editors by adding missing material and visuals decided by the Algorithm Team, and gives onsite lectures at inzva. Read more.


Prepares two contests consisting of 5 and 10 questions according to the lectures prepared by the editor. Read more.

If you would like to join the program as a participant, please fill in the form below to get a chance. We are excited to see you among us, and wish you good luck.




Application period is closed.