Algorithm Competition Program 2019

Editor Tasks and Motivations

Hello Friend,

Starting on September 28, we will meet every Saturday until the 7th of May; dividing the year into two semesters. Contests and study questions will accompany the curriculum which you can find here.

We plan to have an evolving community by giving the tasks of editors and problem setters to experienced individuals from the community.

The main tasks of the editor:

  • To edit the documents of the corresponding topics, and teach them at inzva.

  • To work on the examples and questions with the problem setter.

  • To take the Algorithm Team’s feedback into account and edit the document accordingly,

  • To answer questions coming from the Discord channel.

Why should you be an editor?

  • You can teach the participants on your topics of expertise.

  • You can improve yourself on public speaking, teaching and preparing documents.

  • You can learn as you teach, by coming together with other people experienced in your areas of expertise.

  • You can gain experience in teamwork by working as a team with the problem setter.

  • The reviewers will look into your documents and give feedback which will, in turn, develop your skills.

  • BEV.Foundation will provide you with a scholarship for your hard work and contribution to the community.

How does the editor prepare documents?

  • Various sources on the topics will provide you with the necessary information, so you can make the revisions based on these.

  • You can edit the LaTeX document with the explanations and examples, and finalize it with the feedback.

  • This preparation starts 3 weeks before the lecture and the document is shared with the participants 1 week prior.

How does the editor teach a lecture?

  • When the day of the lecture comes, the participants will already have read the document and acquired information on the topic.

  • You can explain the topic first, and continue by giving examples.

We want you to join us to help us achieve the task of developing our self-sufficient and evolving community of Turkish hackers. Thank you for your support!