Algorithm Competition Program 2019

Problem Setter Tasks and Motivation


Hello Friend,

Starting on September 28, we will meet every Saturday until the 7th of May; dividing the year into two semesters. Contests and study questions will accompany the curriculum that you can find here.

We plan to have an evolving community by giving the tasks of editors and problem setters to experienced individuals from the community.

Problem setter’s main tasks:

  • To choose/write the questions of the contests to be had after the lectures,

  • To start the process of writing/choosing questions 3 weeks before the lecture,

  • To choose 5 questions for the on-site contest,

  • To explain the solution of the questions after the on-site contest,

  • To work on the examples and questions with the editor,

  • To take the reviewers feedback seriously and edit the document accordingly,

  • To answer the questions coming from the Discord channel.

Why should you be a problem setter?

  • You can discover new problems and solve them.

  • You can learn new ways of approaching problems.

  • You can improve yourself on public speaking, teaching and preparing documents.

  • You can gain experience in teamwork by working as a team with the editor.

  • The reviewers will look into your documents and give feedback, this way you will see the aspects you lack in and learn new things.

  • BEV.Foundation will provide you with a scholarship for your hard work and contribution to the community.

How does the problem setter select problems?

  • You can get some ideas on which parts of a topic you should include and what type of problems are needed by working with the editor.

  • The desired difficulty levels are in the guideline. You can create your pool for the problems by searching with topics and difficulty tags proper to the guideline on sites like Hackerrank and Codeforces.

  • The reviewer will give you feedback on your problem choices and difficulties, so you can fix your mistakes.

  • You can finalize your work by opening up the contest, adding the problems and setting time and other settings on HackerRank.

  • You can get ready for your problem-solving session after solving the questions and getting help from the editorial team.

We want you to join us to help us achieve the task of creating a self-sufficient and evolving community of Turkish hackers.

Thank you for your support!