Software Security Study Group

We are launched our new study group dealing with software security and cryptography on Saturday for security enthusiasts. We explore the foundations of software security and modern cryptography, following both courses at the same time.

Course materials are;

The program is designed to challenge security enthusiasts and give them an opportunity to practice security and cryptography problems under the guidance of Halil Samed Çıldır and Umut Barış Öztunç. Umut is the team leader and founder of ‘BreakPoint’ team, one of the leading CTF teams (2015-2018) from Turkey (

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Participants will get an opportunity to interact with fellow security enthusiasts to improve their knowledge of software security and cryptography.

They will learn about web security, attacks, and exploits, principles of modern cryptography, building secure software, number theory and penetration and fuzz testing subjects.  

We will go through programming assignments & quizzes by having discussions with other participants and invited guests.

All participants have to abide by the OUR CODE OF CONDUCT.


Week 2:                          07.04.2018 Saturday

Time:                              12.30-18.00

Location:                       inzva - Beykoz Kundura


Daily Schedule

12.30-13.30 Class discussion(sharp)

14:00-14:30 Lunch Break

14.30-17.00 Programming assignment solving

17:00-18:00 Extra Curriculum activities


Software Security Study Group Timeline

Week 1: March 31, Saturday

  • Low-level Security

  • Introduction to Classical Cryptography

Week 2: April 7, Saturday

  • Defending Against Low-level Exploits

  • Computational Secrecy and Principles of Modern Cryptography

Week 3: April 14, Saturday

  • Web Security

  • Private-Key Encryption

Week 4: April 21, Saturday

  • Secure Software Development

  • Message Authentication Codes

Week 5: April 28, Saturday

  • Program Analysis

  • Number Theory

Week 6: May 5, Saturday

  • Pen Testing

  • Key Exchange and Public-Key Encryption

Week 7: May 12, Saturday

  • Digital Signatures

Week 8: May 19, Saturday

  • Overview of the course

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