AI Projects


General Information

Please remember to provide all of your information in English. We use English in our projects so that they can be reviewed by everyone.

Q1.When and where is AI Projects?

A1. The AI Projects is designed to consist of 12-week batches. Though the participants are free to hold the weekly meetups online, they need to be present at inzva at least every 3 weeks to brainstorm about the progress of their project. The participants are always welcome to come together to work on their ideas.

Q2. Can I come to inzva on days other than the regular meetup days?

A2. Yes! In fact, we encourage our participants to come each Saturday to both work on their project and hang out with the rest of the community members.

Q3. How will I know whether I am accepted or not?

A3. We will notify you individually, notwithstanding the result. Please remember to regularly check your emails during this period.

You will get an email stating the results on August 10.

Applicant Information

Q4. What are the technical requirements for applicants?

A4. You need to have at least two years of AI experience to participate in this programme due to the high level of expertise necessary to fully develop a project. By applying to AI Projects, you undertake that you have the required skills to actively take part in a team.

If you are new to studying Machine Learning, please feel free to check out our study groups.

Q4. I do not reside in Istanbul. Can I still join?

A4. As previously stated, we expect our participants to physically join the meetups in inzva every 3 weeks. In the beginning of a new batch, we meet two Saturdays in a row to start the process. If you think that is possible on your part, you are free to apply. If not, please remember that the sustainability of the projects are of great importance, and it is not possible to efficiently contribute solely online.

Q5. What if I do not have a team?

A5. That’s perfectly fine! We will be divided into teams and choose our projects in the first meetup. You can come together with your own teammates or just by yourself. Please remember that even if you come as a team, there will be other people who are going to participate in the same project that you do. Each team will consist of a maximum of 4 members to increase the productivity of the whole process.

Proposed Projects

Q6. How do I propose a project?

A6. You can bring your own project idea, or design one during the batch with your teammates. Please make sure to bring a project idea, an academic paper, or at least a general topic that you are interested in, to the first meetup in which we will decide on the project topics and teams.

Other than your chosen project idea, you can also propose to work on an academic paper on any subject involving AI and machine learning (Our research domains include but are not limited to: computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, audio processing, time series classification and forecasting, and multi-agent systems.). If you are working for a company, please refrain from offering a project in which you are involved at the company. Teams will be formed and choose their projects in the first meetup. The tasks will then be divided among the teammates.

Other than the final presentations, we expect you to create a Github repository that will be licensed by MIT License. This repository needs to be kept updated during all stages of the project for everyone to see the process.

Q7. What are the standards for the project proposals?

A7. Even though we encourage you to go wild and play with some ideas, we need to make sure that the projects are subjected to certain standards so that they can be fulfilled. The projects should be designed in such a way that they can be concluded within the given time period and by using our existing computing power (reserved GPU on cloud).

Q8. What if I cannot finish the project in the given time period?

A8. Though we understand that concluding a project sometimes proves to be impossible due to various reasons, we will evaluate whether everyone in the team did their best to progress. If you could not conclude the project, you will still be obliged to make a brief presentation that covers your thought process.

If you could not conclude a project due to a failure of sparing the conditioned effort and/or time, please remember that inzva reserves the right to review the participants’ applications accordingly for future events.

Q9. Could you provide me with more details regarding the final presentations?

A9. We expect you to deliver a final presentation of your project, whether it is concluded or not. If your project is concluded, your presentation will cover your thought process, workflow and outcomes. If not, it will cover the thought process as well as things that went wrong in various stages of your project progress. We will also give you a template to work on so that you will not have to design it from scratch.

Q10. Are the projects subjected to any kind of software license?

A10. We generally opt to use MIT license here at inzva. If the project group proposes to be subjected to anything else, they are free to ask for the approval of AI Projects’ leader. Otherwise, all projects will be subjected to MIT license. Moreover, you are encouraged to always keep global principles of ethical and legal standards in mind while working on a project, since teams bear all of the responsibility for any legal issue that may arise in relation to their work.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via

All participants have to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.