Established in 2017, inzva is a hacker community based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Focused on Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence, we cultivate the talents of Turkish students through a series of events ranging from year-long study groups to bootcamps.


Located inside a historical factory building, we offer a quiet, peaceful and inspiring environment for all community members to work, stay and socialise.



Deep LEarnıng.AI Study Group Week 1 Report

The day has arrived, and we began our Study Group II on December 1 with the participation of 40 AI enthusiasts.


Deep LEarnıng.AI Study Group Week 2 Report

On December 8, we gathered at our sanctuary for the second week of Study Group II and discussed the course titled “Neural Networks Basics”.





"[Their] values are always being prioritized and construct the base of all the events organized here. This will provide great benefits for the youth to learn and grow."

Dr. Suzan Üsküdarlı who teaches at Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department puts an emphasis on inzva's values as well as the Code of Conduct in her interview.

“The world needs programmers. If you have passion for a specific domain, hold on to it.”

We had many guests from the world of technology. Among these was dear Çınar Şahin: one of inzva’s advisors and a Senior Staff Software Engineer and Tech Lead Manager at Google Inc.

''Algorithmic Programming is just like any sport, although you would call it a mind sport,'' says Kevin Atienza, our coach of Algorithmic Competition Winter Camp 2018.

Here is his interview from the fall camp. More about Kevin Atienza:



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