Algorithm Competition Programme 2018-2019 Positions

You can apply for following positions at Algorithm Competition Programme 2018-2019 and get scholarship for your work by BEV Foundation, as well as the chance to be broadcasted as an Editor/Problem Setter/Reviewer on inzva’s page.


  • The editor’s job is to prepare the content for the week and lecture at inzva physically. (30 hrs)

  • The language of the content should be Turkish/English depending on what the editor is comfortable with.

  • The editor must follow the guideline.

  • He/she must regularly be online for the students who have questions.

  • The lecture should not be over 5 hours.

Problem Setter

  • The problem setter’s job is to prepare two contests consisting of 5 and 10 questions according to the lectures prepared by the editor. (10 hrs)(HR)

  • Problem setter must prepare the questions according to the guideline.

  • The 10-question contest will be the available for a week, starting after the editor’s lecture on Saturday. It will stay live from 8 pm until next Saturday.

  • The 5-question contest will be the next Saturday on-site.

  • Must solve his/her own on-site contest questions during editorial sessions.


  • The reviewer’s job is to review the content prepared by the editor and the problem setter, making sure it follows the guideline and curriculum. (10 hrs)

  • He/she will read the material the editor has sent on Latex and provide feedback, working in sync with the coordinator during the 2-week preparation period.

  • He/she will be responsible for checking the two contests of 10+5 questions prepared by the problem setter.

  • Must work efficiently and overview a bundle program of 2 weeks.

The editor and the problem setter should complete each other in terms of teamwork, and the reviewer should act as a control mechanism.

Application period ended at September 22.