Functional Programming Study Group Week 1

We started Functional Programming Study Group on December 17th Sunday.

After welcoming session, Murat introduced inzva, mentioned about the rules & ethics to attendees. Sukru and Yigit who are the leads of study group shared their roadmap about we will pursue on the series.

We talked about the functional programming and why it matters first, then we continued with differences in functional programming from other paradigms, evaluation strategies, lexical scopes and recursions.


During the lunch break, we got to know each other and enjoyed our meals. In the second
part, we discussed higher-order functions, currying, data abstraction and operators.



Week 2

Next week, we'll cover traits, and we'll learn how to organise classes into hierarchies and then we will dive into features of the language itself as well as how can we utilise functional aspects combining object oriented and functional thinking.

We had great talented attendees, smart questions which led to discussions further on related topics.

Next week, Functional Programming Study Group will continue at 24 Dec. 2017

See you at inzva, cheers!