Functional Programming Study Group Week 2

We continued Functional Programming Study Group on December 24th Sunday.

We started with traits, abstract classes, polymorphism, differences between objects and classes, organisation of types in Scala, and differences and similarities with Java.

In the second part, we discussed pure object orientation, functions as objects, sub typing, variance, generics and pattern matching.


Even though variance was an optional topic and is not used as frequently as other topics, we wanted to focus on it and discover the possibilities it uncovers, since this study group also implies working on depths of Scala’s type system as well as functional aspects of it.



Week 3

Next week, we'll cover lists in more detail and apply a functional programming idea, higher-order functions, on them.

We will discuss equational proof of lists and cover other collection types such as tuples, pairs and maps. We will continue with operating for-expressions and combinatorial search on them.

Next week, Functional Programming Study Group will continue at Jan, 7th 2018.

Happy New Year!