Functional Programming Study Group Week 3

We continued Functional Programming Study Group on January 7th Sunday.

  • First, we inspected a variant of one of the last session’s algorithms we discovered that did not terminate.
  • Then we went through the methods on lists (map/filter/reduce) and how to utilise them.
  • We learned implicit method references.
  • We dove into variants of folding, and how they differ, where to use which.
  • We also investigated collection hierarchy as well as their specialised use-cases. We now know that lists are usually not the best choice.  

Week 3

Next week, on January 14th, we will summarise the last 6 courses we took, and also look at the first course of the next part ( For Expressions and Monads

This is an opportunity for everyone to come and recap what we did in the first part, and get synchronised with the current state.
See you on Jan. 14th!