Guideline for Editor

The Editor(Document Writer) is responsible for preparing a detailed document and presenting the corresponding subjects to the class.


Document Details

  • The document can be prepared in Turkish or English, but English is strongly recommended.

  • The document should be prepared via the LaTEX template which is provided below. If this is the first time you are preparing a document, you may want to take a short look at the previous documents, and if you are not familiar with LaTEX, you may look-up the LaTEX tutorial first.

  • The document should cover all of the corresponding topics, and some additional problems and codes can be added.


Suggested Steps for Preparing the document

  • Firstly, there are some useful sources in the topic bundle file for most week’s subjects. Please read each material in detail and take some notes. If you have difficulty finding additional sources, you can ask for help via the discord channel.

  • Then prepare an outline of the document that you will prepare by adding one sentence summary of each part. To see an example of the outline, please see the link.

  • Ask for a review for that outline and summary.

  • According to the feedbacks, start to prepare each section and throughout this process, ask reviewers whenever you need help. For all of those questions, please use the discord channel. When preparing the document, please use overleaf or sharelatex for real time collaboration.

  • After you finished the first draft, ask for a review. After you get feedbacks, update the document according to the feedbacks and ask for a second review. To see an instance of a first draft please see the link.

  • After you reach a consensus and the releasing date is arrived, please share the document in the discord channel and add that material to github repo under the inzva organization as an open source project to make it a permanent resource for competitive programming. For the last version of a sample document please see the link.


Additional Notes

  • All sources used should be referenced for the sake of academic honesty.

  • All feedbacks given by reviewer should be considered, and all proposed changes and improvements should be made.

Application period ended at September 22.