Interview Talks Vol. 1

This talk series is intended for those of you who want to work in big international technology companies abroad and it's designed to provide you with insights into the recruitment and interview processes of these companies.

We will be having speakers who have already been through this process and who are now in prominent positions come and share their experiences and give us their advice.



Insights into the Silicon Valley Interviews
with Cihat ImamoGLU

First of our guests in this series was Cihat İmamoğlu, who is currently working as a Product Manager for Palantir in London. Cihat has worked in other tech companies like Google and Facebook throughout his career and he himself has conducted more than 250 interviews with potential recruits.

He shared his experience of working for top technology companies, his life abroad and sneak peek into the interview processes of these kinds of companies.

We had 21 participants from 4 different universities and several companies. The Interview Talk lasted for about 90 minutes. We also shared our first FB live video that reached more than 150 people on the event night.



Some of our notes from the night

  • Make sure you have about one-page long resume. Do not make it longer.
  • Recruiters care more about the experiences and projects you involved.
  • You can share your github, codeforces, topcoder or LinkedIn profile if you are an active user in these platforms.
  • Please explain the technology and your contributions to projects you involved. Interviewers are glad to see how you shaped the results.
  • Do not be afraid of asking questions during your internships. There will be experienced engineers around you. Spend time with them. Make the best out of your internships.
  • Having algorithmic thinking skill helps you to go through interview questions easily.  
  • Living abroad has its own challenges like language, cultural differences, and social interaction barriers.
  • Try to have positive references from company’s inside. It is always good to have someone referring you since these companies are getting thousands of job applications.