Interview Talks Vol.2

This talk series is intended for those of you who want to work in big international technology companies abroad and it's designed to provide you with insights into interview processes, and intern experience of these companies.

We will be having speakers who have already been through this process and who are now in prominent positions come and share their experiences and give us their advice.

Insights into Google Internships and InterviewS

We had our guest speakers, İrem Ulutaş, Alperen Yakut and Dilara Gökay who had their last summer intern for Google in Tokyo, London, and Zurich, respectively.


Some of our notes from the talk

  • Before the interview, do not forget to look out for questions that have been asked before or that are very similar to those. It is also important to be aware of which type of interview you’ll be attending to and to be prepared for that specific one.


  • During the interview, technical qualification is not the most important thing. It is also important how you approach the problem, which steps you go through in order to solve it and to bring an efficient way to solving it.


  • Reference is not the most important thing during the selection process. Your experience in the field and especially your motivation into the project you are applying for will be taken into consideration the most.