Open Source Challenge Day Vol. 3

This week, we completed the third inzva Open Source Challenge Day. It was full of interesting new projects waiting for inzva contributors to challenge them. We closed issues, developed new features and fixed bugs on these projects, as well as contributing to our own fresh project Algo-QMS.



5 friends flew over from Ankara to join us to contribute together on OSCD#3. We had a Skype meeting at the end together with the group who stayed at Hacettepe University. This was another milestone for us since our movement is spreading other parts of the country.



It's hard to keep it short when these many exciting contributions had happened, but we'll try anyway.

Here is a summary of what happened in OSCD#3: 

[well-typed/visualize-cbn, Yigit]: Visualize-cbn is a minimal interpreter for a language to demonstrate lazy evaluation and call-by-name strategy. Language already has textual and Javascript alternatives for output formatting, and it was lacking graph visualization. I worked with the dot language before, because of that this issue was quite easy to implement. I think the graph is the best visualization alternative for this interpreter so far.

[inzva/Algo-QMS, Bilge]: I was already working on a judging system last summer, and in OSCD#3 I integrated it with the Algo-QMS. The judging system was a little complicated and needed some abstraction. Other than that, I created the question model, created issues and a milestone for plans on how to proceed with Algo-QMS after the event.

[inzva/Algo-QMS, Oguz]: I upgraded the project to Django 2 and Python 3. I added guidelines on getting started and running the common tasks on the project for further work. I created the to help potential contributors.

[commons-app/apps-android-commons, Gökberk]: Activities that pile up on the stack was causing problems on "Back" button and I fixed it. Besides that, I added Ogg file format support.

[sukeesh/Jarvis, Okan]: Just as I started working on the project, I saw the issue that the project's setup script doesn't work properly on Mac OS. The problem was related to a version of Python and its libraries. After long hours struggling with compatibility issues, I made it work and delivered the solution.

[berkaybeyaz1/react-native-map-cluster, Berkay]: This project makes map marker cluster for thousands of markers grouped. It works only for react native and still in development.

We believe inzva Open Source Challenge Day enables us to get out of our comfort zones and get into the wild world of open source projects.

We are organising OSCD in second Sunday of each month, the next one will be at 10.12.2017. You can apply here.