Open Source Challenge Day Vol. 4

We have successfully gone through inzva’s Open Source Challenge Day #4 this Sunday.

Students, academicians, and professionals came together and dived into different git repositories and in order to close issues, they fixed bugs and improved some projects.



Once again, we had 10 friends from Ankara join us through a Skype conference, they introduced themselves and their target GitHub projects at the beginning of the event, then explained their experiences from the event at the end.



Everyone learned something different and improved themselves in a different manner, here is a quick summary of what actually happened:


''Today I tried to contribute to Intel’s Deep Learning Framework, Neon. I went through the issues and I realized there were none that I could fix in a day. Afterwards, I realized the framework had some issues on Mac. I attempted to fix these and made a new issue to inform the other contributors.''

Bilge [coala/coala-bears]


''I tried to fix the issues of a cloud-based RESTFUL search engine called Elastic Search. In one of the issues, it was requested to remove a preference that made the indexing default. Since the file was large it took a lot of time to go through them. This allowed me to learn to grep better.''

Gökberk [elastic/elasticsearch]


''I've been working on type-level programming lately, and this was a good time to illustrate it on a real-life example. I worked on implementing Dijkstra's shortest path at type-level with Haskell. It worked pretty good, and able to solve the problem on graphs with 8+ nodes easily.''

Yiğit [yigitozkavci/typelevel-dijkstra-sp]


''Qute Browser is a Vim-like browser. I contacted the repository owner and suggested that we use an application of Google to make the searches more efficient.''



''There were errors in Algo QMS that were related to file names. I fixed the file names and tried to fix the login system.''



''Restless is a library that is built by Python. It can be integrated to almost all the web-frameworks including Flask and Django. I updated the CI for Django 2.0 and made a logging handling system that is based on the logging library of Python.''



''I started my own project following the book of Collective Intelligence. I wrote a recommender system and worked on user based collaborative data vs. toy data.''



I solved issues on spree however upon one I encountered a problem which I could not determine whether it is an error on my end or not.

Ender Ahmet Yurt []


We believe inzva Open Source Challenge Day enables us to get out of our comfort zones and get into the wild world of open source projects.

We are organising OSCD in second Sunday of each month, the next one will be at 14.01.2017. You can apply here.