Open Source Challenge Day Vol. 5

Last Sunday we have organised the Open Source Challenge Day Vol 5.

The contributors briefly discussed the state of the Open Source Community then chose a path for the Open Source Challenge Day before the contribution phase.

We decided to spread our movement further into the universities and decided to make partnerships with the currently leading organisations which share the same goal with us, that is improving the open source community.



Following this discussion, we had the chance to interview Suzan Üsküdarlı, Uzay Çetin and Yiğit Özkavcı about Open Source culture, followed by the contribution session with our participants.



Following is a summary of the day’s contributions:

''I started my discord chatbot project that utilises TensorFlow’s squence2sequence model to chat.''



''I started writing documentation on neural networks with Python. There isn’t much yet but I will continue working on it.''



''I worked on the GHC Haskell compiler, specifically on a new language pragma which I called bind-case.''



We are organising OSCD in second Sunday of each month, the next one will be at 11.02.2017

You can apply here.