Algorithm Competition Winter Camp 2019

For 2019’s first seasonal camp, 50 talented students from 7 different universities came together in the motivating and inspiring environment of our space; training themselves in their algorithmic thinking and enjoying the many events of inzva’s 5th camp to-date.

At the Algorithm Competition Winter Camp 2019 which ran between the dates of January 26 and February 2; the participants made use of their winter break by catching up on algorithms with an ACM-ICPC formatted curriculum, making friends from a like-minded crowd and enjoying free time activities including morning yoga and running, board games, a table tennis tournament, a movie screening and more.


Being coached by students with international contest experience and high technical skills who were once just like them, the participants could get a hands-on approach to their technical needs, express themselves better to their fellow enthusiasts and learn to work in teams. Divided into Foundation and Advanced levels and a total of three classrooms, the participants were from Abdullah Gul, Bilkent, Bogazici, Istanbul Technical, Ege, Koc and Middle East Technical University.


Featuring two AMA sessions; one being with the founder of BEV.Foundation, Tarık Yıldırım, and the second one with all of the experienced coaches of the camp; along with many hours of up-solving, this event surely left all the participants with important skills and a valuable experience and a smile on their face.


After a week-long algorithm training and practice, the participants entered a 4-hour contest designed in the ICPC format. 12 teams from the advanced group and 14 individual participants from the foundation group showed off their algorithmic thinking skills through these 8 questions set by their coaches. The participants raced against time and themselves by solving difficult algorithm problems, and against each other to earn a spot in the top three for each category and various prizes.

Here are the results of our contest:

Advanced Division

  1. Nazir Nayal - Shadi Hamdan / Team: Shawerma / Koç University

  2. Melike Aydoğan - Abdürrezzak Efe / Team: Segmentation Fault / Bilkent University

  3. Ercüment Yıldırım - Sinan Erdil / Team: ercumentvesinan  / METU

Foundation Division:

  1. Ümit Yılmaz - Abdullah Gul University

  2. Berat Gümüş - Ege University

  3. Kerem Gürler - Abdullah Gul University


Berat Gümüş - Ege University

Ahmet Serdar Gürbüz - Bilkent University

Osman Karaketir - ITU

This contents also proved to be a rehearsal for our upcoming Turkish Programming Contest 2019, planned to be held in September!

Stay tuned on our social media platforms for our Algorithm Competition Summer Camp 2019, which will take place from June 16 to June 25, 2019.