Algorithm Summer Camp 2019

The favorite time of the year for all algorithm enthusiasts in our community has arrived, and so did everyone's favorite annual algorithm camp.


The Algorithm Competition Summer Camp 2019 welcomed over 100 students coming from universities all around Turkey, and the world;  proving to be our most diverse camp, with students from Jordan, Russia, and Syria and Ukrainian coaches from Ukraine’s national team; Vitalii Herasymiv and Andrii Makar, both of whom previously took first place at SEERC.

Our long term supporter Vasyl Biletskyy, who won a gold medal in ICPC World Finals 2008 among many other his accomplishments, joined us as the head coach. Running from June 16 to June 23, this summer camp held two contests for our participants to test and practice their skills: The  Grand Contest which was open to international participation with teams from Baku, Belgrade, Damascus, Istanbul, Lviv, Minsk and Munich; as well as the Final Contest which was reserved for the hard-working teams of ACSC19.

The participants were divided into three groups according to their technical skill levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert. After competing amongst 180 applicants, they were placed into these unique groups with specific curriculums according to their rank in the qualification round to have a productive and challenging camp with equally talented peers.


This camp also featured many guest lecturers who were invited to inform our participants of the real-life examples of the topics they are currently studying. Our guests from Urbanstat, Hakan Sakarya and Fatih Öztürk, took the stage to explain how to implement algorithms to predict wildfires in Arizona. Additionally, Tarık Yıldırım and Eran Filiba led an AskMeAnything session to answer the questions our participants were curious about.

The participants were accompanied by 10 helpful peers who volunteered to guide them throughout the camp. To make them feel at home and take the heat off all the hard work, the camp featured many extracurricular events such as table tennis, walking tours, board games and yoga. With the amazing view of the Bosphorus and a peaceful environment, the creative enthusiasts collectively upped their prowess.

The results of the final contest were in and many of our participants were extremely happy with their scores. In the expert division, ‘*&oburX’ from Bogazici University took first place, followed by ‘LNU_Jackals’ from Lviv University and ‘k.pop();’ Turkish IOI Team. 

In the advanced division, the top three were ‘artun_akdoğan’ from Bogazici University, ‘hey’ from METU and ‘Napsak_Knapsack’ from Bilkent University; and ‘caunos’ from Hacettepe University, ‘Haluk Ziya Zorluoğlu’ from Bogazici University and ‘Erhan Ünal’ from ITU in the foundation division. The leaderboards kept the participants motivated and the connections they have built during the camp has led them to the way of teamwork and progress.


One of the main aims of this event has been to prepare the students for and encourage active participation in the Turkish Programming Contest 2019. Turkish Programming Contest is a multi-tier, team-based programming competition operating under the auspices of ICPC, partnered with Middle East Technical University and inzva, BEV Foundation. By organizing the first of this unique international contest on September 13-15 this year, we hope to give Turkish hackers a place in the world and a recurring opportunity to test themselves.



Aside from featuring the final contest, the camp was also the host of a first-of-its-kind event, The Grand Contest. This was the first international programming contest organized by us, which received the participation of teams from many cities such as Baku, Belgrade, Damascus, Istanbul, Lyiv, Minsk and Munich. The winner amongt 94 teams was ‘*&oburX’ from Bogazici University, followed by ‘grand raz`eb’ from Ukraine and ‘Uncle Bogdan’ from Belarus. Through this event, the participants could utilize the skills they have worked on during the training and get real life experience with international contestants.

And with that, we had completed another amazing summer camp with students eager to learn, and to teach in our home at Beykoz Kundura. Many brands such as Algida, AXE, Bisu, Nescafe and Bundle supported this unique event. Gathering people from all walks of life who have something to say about success and technology, it has grown the community in many ways.

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